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Nemha Valley Logo


  • To create awareness about HEALTH & HYGIENE in the community.
  • To provide care and support services for People Living in Remote area and the needy ones that include supportive counseling, medical care, treatment and rehabilitation with a special focus on women and children.
  • To provide a character-based comprehensive Adolescent Health Education with special emphasis on awareness, life skills and knowledge about HIV/AIDS and diseases.
  • To interact with other institutions of learning and constantly update knowledge of illness and incorporate New Teaching Method & Techniques.
  • Create Employment Opportunities.
  • Promote And Sponsor Rural/Urban Development.
  • To provide opportunities for the Elderly suffering from severe disease and remedies to live comfortably with adequate care and medical facilities.
  • To facilitate the Upliftment of Socio-Economically Weaker Sections of society by legitimate and constitutional means irrespective of caste, creed or religion.
  • Encourage Small Scale Industries .
  • Incubation Programs
  • Self Defence Training to Women & Children
  • Preserving The Living Arts & Traditional Wisdom
  • To Network with other voluntary, state and non-governmental organizations
  • To Make a Difference in the Lives of People living in miserable situation.


Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, but they have hearts with compassion. They can join their hands for a noble causes, come along for services during distribution of cloth/food/medicine etc., Health & Hygiene, Sanitisation etc. related work during pandemic. Let’s Visit the Poor Elderly & Children in need and collect Gifts of Blessings With Love. Bring them small gifts, make them smile. A smile that can change somebody’s world.“ Be The Reason Someone Smiles. Be The Reason Someone Feels Loved And Believes in the Goodness in People.”- Roy T. Bennett.


Corporates and Organisations from all sectors can associate with the noble initiatives taken by Nemha Valley Foundation. In a respectable scale, Nemha Valley Foundation seeks support from corporate involvements in successfully accomplishing the cause for the weaker section of our society. The various opportunities for participation could be opted from- Providing Corpus Fund, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly or Annual Grants to the Trust, which would assist in smooth handling of the recurring expenses towards Poor Elderly, Women & Children in need. Health care camps including General Check Up, Orthopaedics, Eye Care, Skin Care can be organised as per scheduled .


  • Based On Covid-19
  • Home Sanitisation Work (Indoor/Outdoor Fogging & Spray)
  • Other Small Scale Industries
  • Bamboo products And Traditional Art & Craft
  • Paper Plate/Dona Making
  • Women’s Health & Hygiene Related Product
  • Children Health & Hygiene Related Product

Disinfecting door to door service using Fog ,Mist and other UV Treatment systems during the
Coronavirus ( COVID-19) Pandemic and other pest control service.Due to continuous lockdown, and the spread of Coronavirus cleaning has been focused on floors that are occupied………..


  •  Spraying or Misting disinfecting systems to reduce transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • Helps to get your premises disinfected.
  • Due to use of Herbal spray your campus will be surrounded by fresh breath and helps increase in oxygen level.
  • Frequent Cleaning ,Fogging & spray Reduce the Spread of Virus.
  • UV treatment of surface normally leaves no chemical residue behind.